geothermal energy


  what is it?


Geothermal energy is the energy generated by means of geological heat sources . It is based on the natural heat production of the Earth and can be considered a renewable source of energy, if properly evaluated and managed.


is the most widely available, the most widely exploitable and the most renewable


Geothermal energy allows you to produce heating and cooling with a single plant, using a heat pump.



  what are the main benefits of installing a geothermal plant?


• High cost/benefit ratio superior to alternative technologies

Economic savings thanks to the very high plant yield: COP of around 4! (1 kW of electric will produce 4 kW of heat!)

• Local emissions equal to zero CO2

Elimination of boiler rooms and reduced internal plant dimensions

Reduction of fixed costs of maintenance (checking the fumes and scheduled boiler maintenance)

Elimination of storage and fuel supply





The customer has a unique interlocutor able to provide turnkey geothermal plants, by obtaining the authorisations of the installation project.

impianti geotermici




  Feeding ducts


IDRORICERCHE implements excavations and restorations, also on slopes, and for laying underground pipelines, made with crawler excavators or light "spider" type excavators; it supplies and lays underground pipelines made of HDPE with electrowelded joints, stainless steel ducts welded head to head or flanged, it makes anchorages and consolidations.


  Spring arrival plant


IDRORICERCHE's water arrival plant is a hydraulic work designed and built by respecting the most advanced health and safety criteria. This plant, at the entrance to the mineral water establishment, has the purpose of optimising the management of the flows, of sanitising the pipe coming from the springs and of ensuring the absence of overpressure inside the pipes.
The system provides for theinstallation of water arrival piping, of the valves for the management of production/discharge and safety valves.
A floor completely equipped with accessories for collections, installed in the vicinity of the arrivals station, provides for monitoring the water quality.


  piping and support structures


The welders of IDRORICERCHE TUV (EN 287-1) qualified and technically constantly updated, can provide on site turnkey installations of piping in stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316 for mineral water and potable water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas, liquid nitrogen, high (40 bar) and low pressure (10 bar) air. Welds are made in atmospheres protected by inert gas. All plants are supplied complete with media and support structures in stainless steel (by request in painted carbon steel).


  storage tanks and fermenters


IDRORICERCHE builds tanks studying the sizing so as to meet the production peaks and manage the normal utility requirements. The construction of stainless steel tanks and fermenters, complete with any insulation and hot air-conditioning, can be carried out in the workshop or directly on site.


The proposed models can have a conical bottom or a bottom with inclined plane, with a choice of finishes (internal and external), of instruments (flow metres, temperature gauges, pressure switches…) and ancillary plants (sanitising, hydrosphere and sprayball washing plants).


centrale distribuzione

  Distribution station

The system designed by IDRORICERCHE allows for the automatic distribution of products from different tanks, toward any bottling line, without any risk of mixing the products.


This application provides, in addition to the installation of an electrical control panel complete with PLC, operator panel, controls, inverter and miscellaneous equipment, the construction of the piping components in stainless steel complete with flow meters, conductivity meters, centrifugal pumps, and valves implemented of opening, closing and choking.



  Sanitising and sanitisation


IDRORICERCHE designs and manufactures equipment for sanitising and schedules planned interventions in order to destroy the pathogens the may be present and prevent the formation of biofilm. Using different products and technologies, in order to have a broad spectrum of action against all microbial types and the organic and inorganic biofilm phases.


Manual or automatic cleaning and sanitation apply to capture works, feed pipes, storage tanks, distribution stations, production lines and bottling machinery.

dynamic separation systems


IDRORICERCHE has selected an appropriate disk system with calibrated stainless cloths for the separation of large quantities of solid contaminant. These systems are preliminary to finer separation installations and offer large economies of operation.


They are indicated in numerous applications in various food sectors.




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water treatment


  Clarification filters


IDRORICERCHE designs and manufactures equipment for the purification of water such as:
sand filters for the removal of suspended solids that cause turbidity
activated-carbon filters for the treatment of chlorine and its derivatives, for removing ozone, surfactants, solvents, pesticides, BOD and COD
• filters for the removal of iron and manganese, nitrate, arsenic and heavy metals.
All these filters can be constructed with fibereglass tank, carbon steel or by request in stainless steel, the operation of backwashes can be performed either manually or automatically


A complete plant is composed mainly of a pre-filtration station with filter cartridges of appropriate porosity, of clarification filters filled with the most suitable material for treatment and a final filtration station for the removal of any unwanted residue.


In addition, our applications include: demineralisation plants, softening, ozonisation, iron removal, denitrification, and all the specific treatments for purifying groundwater.

IDRORICERCHE provides preliminary advice through feasibility studies and specific analyses.


  reverse osmosis


The reverse osmosis plants proposed by IDRORICERCHE are intended for the removal of unwanted salts dissolved in water. Plants with different levels of automation are designed with custom solutions for water pre-treatment and post-treatment.


  Idrosafe top - bc - compact exclusive u.f. plant


IDRORICERCHE designs and manufactures tangential ultrafiltration and microfiltration plants to eliminate viruses and organic compounds, to remove colloids, proteins, enzymes, and humic acids, without changing the water characteristics.


These plants, made of stainless steel or PVC, depending on requirements and the type of treated water, find application in different industries:


• Civil and industrial purification
• Food processing liquids
• Potable water
• Treatment of thermal waters
• Preserving liquid treatment


In most applications, tangential ultrafiltration and microfiltration plants allow a considerable reduction in costs with respect to classic microfiltration installations.



IDRORICERCHE has dedicated pilot plants for the purpose of seeking the best applicative solution.



Automatic water softeners made with fibreglass or carbon steel bottles lined with epoxy resin based on the quality and quantity of water to be treated; all materials used are non-toxic and suitable for the treatment of drinking water for food use.
The duration of the various stages of regeneration is programmable, in order to adapt the operation of the equipment to the specific application and to optimise the consumption of water and salt during regeneration.




Demineralisers made with fibreglass bottles filled with mixed-bed resin with high exchange capacity; appliances that are easy to connect to the mains water supply, which do not require electrical power, with a reduced weight and size, but with a high efficiency in terms of quantity and quality of demineralised water delivered.


  I.D.E.A. - Complete automation of filtration and C. I. P.


The microfiltration plants (aimed at killing and controlling bacteria, colloids, emulsions, molds, yeasts and microalgae) are equipped with multiple filtration lines (possibly also bypass line) placed in parallel in order to ensure continuous water production.


Our dedicated automation allows you to reduce operator intervention and optimises the exploitation of filtering elements, reducing energy costs and replacement of filtering elements with respect to conventional systems.


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