springs and wells




IDRORICERCHE designs and manufactures wells and springs with the aim to eliminate any possible contact between groundwater and surface and preserving the water from possible chemical and bacteriological contamination .


The design of the best solution is made possible by prior study of the catchment.


  intrusion detection and monitoring


IDRORICERCHE designs and manufactures automation equipment for springs, with the purpose of managing and remotely controlling equipment positioned in inaccessible and distant locations (high mountain) that have GSM coverage. The system provides for the installation of a turbine or photovoltaic panel electric current generator in the event of the absence of electrical network. The system allows the acquisition of some parameters of the spring (such as temperature, conductivity and pressure, useful for the management of the flow rate by means weir), to view in real-time readings and download all the values stored in time by the data-logger inside, which can be viewed remotely.


It is possible to implement management via SMS, install a surveillance camera as well as high-resolution monitoring with GSM/UMTS









Springs are captured thanks to sub-horizontal fan-shaped drilling that allows for maximum pumping of the resource protecting it from surface water.


The installation of a system of manifolds and valves provides for optimising the management of catchment areas and ensuring the proper upstream sanitisation of decantation and loading tanks.


Where the springs are not easily accessible due to the lack of forest tracks or during the winter period, IDRORICERCHE installs automatic works sanitisation systems with remote management.




The use of last generation drilling equipment allows the construction of wells for pumping underground water. Depending on the type of soil, the needs of the client, and the destination of final use of the catchment (goods and services, drinking and mineral water), IDRORICERCHE is able to provide the suitable plant solution with the best cost-benefit ratio.


IDRORICERCHE can size, design, install and manage the automatic water pumping installation,making it sanitisable and monitorable also remotely.


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