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  Idrosafe top - bc - compact: plants exclusive with u.f.


Idroricerche designs and manufactures tangential ultrafiltration and microfiltration plants to eliminate viruses and organic compounds, to remove colloids, proteins, enzymes, and humic acids, without changing the water characteristics.


These plants, made of stainless steel or PVC, depending on requirements and the type of treated water, find application in different industries:


Civil and industrial
purification • Food processing
liquids Potable water
• Treatment of thermal waters
• Treatment of preservation liquids


In most applications, tangential ultrafiltration and microfiltration plants allow a considerable reduction in costs with respect to classic microfiltration installations.


IDRORICERCHE has dedicated pilot plants for the purpose of seeking the best applicative solution.




The microfiltration plants (aimed at killing and controlling bacteria, colloids, emulsions, moulds, yeasts and microalgae) are equipped with multiple filtration lines (possibly also bypass line) placed in parallel in order to ensure continuous water production.

Our dedicated automation allows you to reduce operator intervention and optimises the exploitation of filtering elements, reducing energy costs and the replacement of filtering elements with respect to conventional systems.




  complete line water treatment


A different approach to troubleshooting the chemism of water, with very customisable proposals.





green solution


Idroricerche skids are designed with the customer and shared right from the design stage.




  distribution of the product


IDRORICERCHE designs, manufactures and installs sanitary stainless steel piping with inert gas TIG welding. DIN - DN - TC attachments with component customisation, such as valves, custom parts, interchange panels, automated stations. Each plant is built on site, certified and tested by qualified technical personnel.


  Building service lines


Water, steam, glycol, compressed gases, liquid nitrogen: a diversified approach , according to the utility fluid to be distributed. Including the appropriate treatments that may prove necessary.


  special custom lines


IDRORICERCHE has a Technical Team that offers its customers the possibility to design and implement dedicated solutions for the most varied and specific requirements.





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