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  I.D.E.A. complete automation process and C.I.P. filtration


A turnkey system for the integrated management of the microfiltration process and the washing and sanitising of equipment, including filling machine, capping machine, rinsing machine. All made on site Idroricerche with the flexibility and excellence in execution that distinguish us.


  idrosafe compact: microbiological cellar water management


Very compact unit, continuously manufacturing sterile water , in a single stage, without the use of pumps: self-powered by mains pressure. Ultrafiltration without the need for spare parts for several years of operation. It can be installed on the wall or on skid (depending on model) Q of 1200 to 3500 l/h. Mechanical automatic regeneration of membranes.




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  complete dedicated water treatment line


The water treatment that prefers green solutions. A different approach to troubleshooting the chemism of water, with very customisable proposals.


Idroricerche skids are designed with the customer and shared right from the design stage.



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  distribution of the product


IDRORICERCHE designs, manufactures and installs sanitary stainless steel piping with inert gas TIG welding. DIN - DN - TC attachments with component customisation, such as valves, custom parts, interchange panels, automated stations. Each plant is built on site, certified and tested by qualified technical personnel.


  building service lines


Water, steam, glycol, compressed gases, liquid nitrogen: a diversified approach , according to the utility fluid to be distributed. Including the appropriate treatments that may prove necessary.


  special custom lines


IDRORICERCHE has an Enological Process Specialist that offers its customers the possibility to design and implement dedicated solutions for the most varied and specific requirements.





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