Idrolife Idrolife

"Water is life's matter and matrix, mother and medium.
There is no life without water".

Albert Szent-Györgyi


We propose exclusive technologies for the sustainable and virtuous use of water resources in Food & Beverage and industry, in all phases of the production process.

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Production process mapping and feasibility studies

Determination of sensitive points of production, with a view to reducing water and energy expenditure.

Preliminary and executive design

Realization of systems aimed at reusing for service purposes the water resource leaving the plant, in order to obtain high levels of economic and environmental sustainability of the production process

Consulting and bureaucratic assistance

Management of practices for the obtainment of contributions dedicated to the efficiency and modernization of the productive process, possibility to take advantage of subsidized finance services

Support packages

Inspection, maintenance and sanitisation of pipelines, process and service piping, plant engineering assistance, including remote assistance

Optimization of water expenditure

Systems and technologies for the saving of the water resource of process and service



Idrosafe microfiltration systems

Applications to ensure the microbiological safety of water without altering its chemical-physical characteristics. Designed and built by Idroricerche, sized according to the flow to be managed

Systems for regulating the characteristics of the water

Systems suitable for every need and type of result to be obtained. Softeners, osmosis, self-cleaning filters and more specific applications, sized according to the flow rate to be managed

Purification and renewal of the water resource

Systems for the improvement of the wastewater quality, with the possibility of renewing the outgoing water reusing it for service purposes