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“Doing outer cleaning with water, inner cleaning with words ”

Tibetan proverb


We offer a wide range of products and services dedicated to the microbiological safety of plants, production lines and working environments.

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Microbiological safety for production lines

Mapping and consulting for microbiological safety management of food production lines

CIP system rental

Availability of rental transportable CIP system, with the possibility of the presence of specialized employees for the management of treatments

Sanitizing plants and environments

Sanitization of environments and premises for food and non-food production, according to current regulations on prevention from Covid-19


Support packages

Inspection, maintenance and sanitisation of pipelines, process and service piping, plant engineering assistance, including remote assistance

CIP Systems

Systems for automatic washing and sanitization of food production lines, automatic and customized

Transportable CIP systems

Small size CIP systems, complete with heater and with the possibility to be moved near the applications to be treated

Discover the products dedicated to IDROWASH

A wide selection of detergents and additives specifically designed for the food industry and compatible with all types of production.

Enzymatic washing

Treatments and products for cleaning and maintaining the efficiency of the production process, with particular attention to the prevention and eradication of biofilm