Idrowine Idrowine

“God made only water,
but man created wine”

Victor Hugo


We offer a wide range of products and services dedicated to the wine sector, with a view to enhancing and sustainability of the production process/p>

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Enhancement of the water resource

Hydrogeological research, chemical-physical and microbiological treatment, verification and resolution of pollution problems

Realization of water intake works

Sub-horizontal drilling (springs), vertical drilling (wells), buinding works, excavations, pipelines, tanks, bureaucratic procedures, maintenance

Saving and renewal of the water resource

Solutions for the reduction of water consumption and for the renewal of wastewater, with a view to improving the economic and environmental sustainability of the production process

Support packages

Inspection, maintenance and sanitisation of pipelines, process and service piping, plant engineering assistance, including remote assistance

Integrated management of the production process

Exclusive customized systems complete with automation for fluid dosing and process microfiltration

Systems for regulating the characteristics of the water

Systems suitable for every need and type of result to be obtained. Softeners, osmosis, self-cleaning filters and more specific applications, sized according to the flow rate to be managed

Spare parts

Specific elements and accessories for food production processes, from a wide selection of filter cartridges for fluids and air, to stainless steel fittings and dedicated sensors

Lines for distribution of process and service fluids

Design and installation of sanitary stainless steel piping, complete with tig welds