About us


Idroricerche boasts a history of experience, courage and ambition, but above all of the passion of the founder Giuseppe Gerbotto, who in 1998 founded his first individual company taking his first steps in the field of maintenance of water intake works. After a period of strong expansion and growth, Idroricerche S.r.l. was born in 2003 and expands the company mission, implementing projects designed and implemented internally by specialized professionals. Over the years, the range of action increases, including the entire Food & Beverage sector and gaining experience in the field of wastewater purification and renewal, in addition to progress and innovations in the field of automation.


The goal of Idroricerche is to enhance the importance of water, implementing and perfecting all the necessary technologies. The company has a 360° approach starting from the study and consultancy of the objective to be achieved, continuing with the study and design of the most appropriate and convenient solution, up to the realization and implementation, by means of materials and techniques such as to guarantee the highest standards of quality and attention to detail. Idroricerche is synonymous with customization: each intervention, system, plant is designed, built and customized according to the needs that emerged during the briefing phase. During each intervention, Idroricerche makes itself available to the customer as the only interlocutor, guaranteeing the reliability and durability of the solutions thanks also to partnerships with established companies.


Passion for our most precious natural resource

Research and innovation
for a future where water is the protagonist

Quality in each step of production, from design to implementation

Commitment to the customer, for tailored and lasting solutions

Team because the best ideas are born and realized out of team work

Green mind against pollution and water wastage