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Realization of new springs

Sub-horizontal drilling, building works, excavations, pipelines, tanks, plant engineering. Interventions performed by specialized personnel, even in difficult environmental contexts (eg. at high altitudes).

Construction of new wells

Vertical drilling, piping, layer insulation, stainless steel filters, submersible pumps, wellheads. Preliminary operations for the correct construction of the well, such as piezometric drilling and flow tests.

Video-inspection of wells

With the aim of defining in detail the structural conditions of the well, the video-inspection is carried out with state-of-the-art instrumentation functional to provide high-definition videos, which allow to identify construction details, any defects and problems that may be relevant to elaborate a detailed proposal regarding the possible optimizations of the water intake structure.

Bureaucratic and administrative consulting

Completion of bureaucratic practices related to water intake works, assistance for tenders and contributions.

Production process mapping and feasibility studies

Inspection by Idroricerche experts to determine the sensitive points of production and, if necessary, to develop feasibility studies on interventions to improve the sustainability of the production process.

Support packages

Inspection, maintenance and sanitisation of pipelines, process and service piping, plant engineering assistance, including remote assistance.